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5 Axes Tool Grinding Software
5 Axes Tool Grinding Software have advanced drive capacities. These allow for safe, rapid and efficient technical tasks. These can support the machining of many complex insert geometries.
Electronics & Electrical Supplies
Electronics & Electrical Supplies we offer are widely used in telecommunication, information processing and signal processing. Like any other electronic devices these make the processing easily possible. Safe and quick transmission of electricity is the main purpose of these supplies.
Adhesives & Sealants Weicon
Adhesives & Sealants are utilized to assemble the extensive range of devices and equipment. These can allow for the excellent fixing between metal substrates. These have superior bonding methods.

The Aerosol sprays we deal in are used for disinfection and cleaning. These may include many toxic chemicals that are extremely hazardous for adults, family pets and children.
OMRON Automation
OMRON Automation solutions are needed to remove tedious manual handling in the production process. These are suited for water-testing swabs and manufacturing automation. The said solutions are made for precise multi-axis control and allow for balanced control of motions. 
KEB Servo System
Buy from us extensive range of heavy duty KEB Servo System that are available in different power capacities as per the systems in which they are going to be installed for the safe functioning and complete control over the machineries. 
Weicon Stripping Tools
Supplied Stripping Tools enable safe and suitable stripping of numerous different cables. They must be used for the precise results. The tools are essential for the technical operation.
Weicon Wire Stripper
The Wire strippers are the hand-held and portable tools. These can remove the protective coating of electric wire and can strip the end portions of an electric cables.

CNC Tool Grinding Machine
CNC tool grinding machines are the machines, which make effective use of a rotating grinding wheel. The material removal can be attained with ease. These allow for hard-fine machining of several work pieces (parts).